Frequently  Asked   Questions

What do you need to get started? 

You can schedule a consultation online today by heading over to my scheduling page.  You will need a copy of your current credit report which can be obtained from Identity IQ.  To promptly facilitate our processing we will also require personal identification such as a document of your current address, document of your Social Security number, and a form of identification should you move forward with enrollment. 

How much are the services? 


Our Services are offered at $69 monthly and an $149  enrollment fee for non-south carolina residents. For residents of south carolina, the fee is offered at $50.00 a month and 60.00 enrollment fee . as a convenience to our clients, your monthly fee will be set up on auto payments.


Our Services are offered at $158.00 monthly and an $169.00 enrollment fee. as a convenience to our clients, your monthly fee will be set up on auto payments.

What does the service include? 

Not only will the credit with purpose team provide customized credit solutions for your credit needs, we will also assist you in a total financial change. From goal setting for home ownership to creating a budget to thoroughly help you save cash to re-position your future. 

How long will it take for you to see results?

Clients typically see a credit score increase within 30-45 days. In order to see a full transformation, six months of active service is recommended. 

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

our mission is to help anyone who has the desire to help themselves. As a result, if we are unable to improve your credit score over a six month period, the total monthly service fee investment will be returned. 

What if I need specific attention to a certain item? 

credit with a purpose does offer a " Pay Per Delete " option where the client is only responsible for payment of deleted items.  Pay Per Delete clients have a one time setup fee of $ 149.00  

The rates for pay per delete items are as follows: 

  • Personal Information: Free of Charge  

  • Inquiry Removal:  $25.00

  • Charged Off Listings:: $50.00

  • Collection Accounts: $60.00

  • Late Payment: $35.00

  • Repossessions:  $85.00 

  • Student Loans: $90.00

  • Bankruptcy/Civil Judgement: $100.00

  • Foreclosures/Child Support: $125.00

79% of credit reports contain errors

Is yours one of them?

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